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Growing a screen printing business is tough. After you hire your first employee, you have to bring them up to speed on everything you as a business owner have already learned. As more people become part of the process the opportunity for miscommunication increases. Meshcount manages your customer relationships and eliminates miscommunication by putting you in control of the entire process and making all of the information available in one place. Meshcount also automates your process by assigning tasks, sending reminder emails and getting approvals on art and pricing. Start using Meshcount today and never miss a detail or deadline again!



Stop being the bottleneck in your business! With custom portals for each role your Customers, Vendors and Employees can view their own assignments and deadlines. Meshcount gives them information and tools they need to do the job.




Tired of chasing down details from your clients at the last minute to print their job and hit THEIR deadline? Give your clients access to the information they need when they want it and give them a clear way to give you the information you need, when you need it.



When you create your workflow in the Meshcount Project Templates the delegation and collaboration for each new project happens automagically! Deadlines are set working backward from your delivery date, tasks are assigned and key information is available to everyone that needs it.


“Talk to me Goose!”

We’ve been using Meshcount for 4 years. I wouldn’t use anything else. The best part is the accountability for both you and your customers. Plus you can communicate at all hours, get art approvals, invoice…it’s really great!

Vincent Ponteri

Owner, Inked Custom Tees

Meshcount is working great! We’re still ironing out the kinks on our side, but it’s coming along very well and we are already benefitting from how much easier it’s making our jobs. I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly my team has been able to learn the system and get our customers on board with it as well.

Joel Holmes

Owner, Ambition Merch & Design

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